Departures Off The Beaten Path

We had some amazing end of summer weather here in the Greater New York area.  Where’d the time go?  Even in weird times, time flies.  Had a happy ending to a twisty-turny day drive: Was on the way to Providence, which got detoured off I-95N to Route 7, so destination change: Beacon.  We decided to take a peek at Peekskill, which we had always whizzed by on I-84 West. 




The restaurants weren’t yet open for the day and the choices were more quick bite oriented.  I asked a promenade walker for a local suggestion.  Voilà!  Her brother owns an Italian restaurant nearby in Croton On The Hudson.  The pizza on the website, (although I can’t eat it) said, “eat here!”   Lunch plan solved.  First though, a walk along this picturesque shoreline.  So, after the passing Metro North train went by, we were able to cross the tracks to Peekskill Landing, a lovely park along the Hudson. 



Looking up above the coastline there was a can’t miss, big, important looking stone structure on a hill overlooking the Hudson with a huge American Flag patriotically whipping in the wind.  I asked someone what it was.  She replied, “I think it’s someone’s house.”  Hmmn, I knew it was a venue of public significance beyond a mere dwelling. But, further pondering was deterred by stomach growls.  So, off to Croton On The Hudson we dashed.  I got out of the car thinking “mussels—I know they have mussels!  I want mussels!” Eatalia Restaurant satisfied my wish with their delicious fare. 




While waiting for the food, I Googled, “Stone structure overlooking Peekskill and the Hudson.  Boy, did my curiosity reward me!  It’s a restored circa 1903 stone convent, rechristened as The Abbey Inn, Spa and Apropos Restaurant.  It opened just prior to that global March ‘event’ we've all been affected by. I called up to confirm it was ok to stop in.  Back to Peekskill we drove to enjoy coffee and desert while taking in the Abbey's delightful panorama. 




The grounds are beautifully renovated and definitely worthy of a peek or even better, an overnight stay.  Curiosity does not kill the cat after all, but provides delightful surprises that are necessary to balance all the not delightful surprises that life brings. 



Here in a photo I took of one of the restaurant's dining areas, I staged "That Great Park We Visited".  The painting symbolizes anyone's notable outdoor adventure  where great memories were made,   You can learn more about it here 



In this time, for many, making memories is restricted to locales close to home.  So, ethically and responsibly, be open and receptive to going off the beaten path.  Flashes of delight are everywhere!